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Burlington Telecom and me.


My esteemed co-worker and fellow blogger Cathy Resmer has had her eye on Burlington Telecom for a while. A recent post on 802 Online links to BT's new "triple play service." It looks terrific, and I really want to support this community technological endeavor.

Here's what I posted in Cathy's comments section:

OK. I was getting REALLY excited about their Premium package, which includes HBO, Cinemax AND Showtime for much less than Adelphia's "Silver" package, which only lets you choose one of the above. IFC and Sundance are included! Plus, they have DVR boxes, and you can customize your package. This means Brooke and I could choose the smallest phone setup (we don't need long distance) and the largest cable and internet bundle. (Heavy computer/cable users.)

Here's the rub: 71 Peru St. (mere feet away from the Post Office) is not in their initial service area. But oddly, most of the South End is. Hmmm, do I detect North End discrimination here? Does BT believe that the underpriveledged sods north of Maple Street don't deserve -- or can't afford, more likely -- to be part of this program? Here's their explanation:

"The Initial Service Area we will provide a unique variety of scenarios that involve underground cabling, aerial drops, rental multi-unit housing, single family homes, and small businesses. This variety will provide valuable experience while limiting expenses."


As you may infer from my flippantly juvenile use of the "W" word, I am annoyed.

BT does allow us North Enders a sliver of hope however: They claim that more areas "will be included soon." Of course, this depends on the success of the initial rollout.

I want this package before The Rapture, so sign up now, you lucky Southie bastards!