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You missed a good one...


If you weren't at the Dresden Dolls, Devotchka, and Faun Fables show last night.

Dawn the Faun is my heroine. I love her albums, but she's so much better live.

Devotchka were fun, but the whole Gypsy thing is getting played out. This is exactly the kind of band that gets Hutz' panties in a bunch.

Dresden Dolls are among the most powerfully engaging performers I've ever seen. And, Brian Viglione might just be the best drummer in rock — at least at the moment.

I think I figured out their allure, though. (Non-Jungians can feel free to skip ahead). Archetypally speaking, Amanda Palmer is anima, and Viglione animus.

Which is to say, each is the projection of the opposite sex's idealized gender. Palmer represents what boys would like to be if they were female, and Viglione is what women would dream themselves to be if male.

While she's hardly butch, Palmer possesses a certain subtle masculinity. Viglione is a man's man for sure, yet there's enough pliability in his nature to hint at the feminine.

Just a theory.

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Thanks to MGP for the Roth bit...