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Nuffin' Much.


Getting ready to head into the office. (Hint: click the 7" covers).

Not much local music news this week — if you're a regular reader and you have tall tales, feel free to send them along to: Doesn't everybody wanna see their name in print?

Casey's Geek Corner.

I just updated my Pro Tools system to LE 6.9. Mac OS 10.4 Tiger should be in today, at which point I need to install PT 6.9.2. Yippee.

Does anyone know if Tiger comes with any kind of word processor?

OK. Enough of that.

This rain sucks. I might go to Nectar's tonight to catch Maddub, a central VT dub band that folks are talkin' about.

One of the dudes plays a Chapman Stick!

I had one of those, but I sold it to buy some sweet studio monitors.

What was I gonna do with a stick, anyway? There's already a Tony Levin. And I could never grow a moustache like his.

Wish I was cool like those Candlebloggers and had fun links to post.

No time, no time.