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Last Man on Earth Gets iPod.


Thanks to my Brother Shamus (not an Irish Monk) Ethan Covey, I finally own an iPod.

It's an older model, but it is loaded with 10 gigs worth of primo head-trip music. I DL'd a hack that lets me transfer the stuff to a foreign computer, so I can swap tunes to my heart's content.

Between EC's collection and my own, that little piece of plastic now contains a massive library of mind-melting sound. Yum. Oh, and Ethan, if you're reading this, I'll pay you soon... That damn City was expensive!

Let's see... Tryin' to get some club listings done so I can go home and play record producer. Two fun article/interviews on the 26th — Rasputina & the Dresden Dolls.

What else is new? I just recently finished the 33 & 1/3 series volume on Pet Sounds. I had previously devoured the Led Zeppelin IV book and loved it. Focusing largely on Jimmy Page's occult chicanery, its overall thesis is that the album is a talismanic spell of sorts. Author Erik Davis makes a compelling case, with tongue at least partially in cheek. A self-proclaimed "occulture critic," he possesses enough knowledge of mystical arcanum and rock history to pull it all off.

The Pet Sounds one wasn't quite as exciting, but it was certainly written from the heart. Anyway, I highly recommend the series.

Okee — back to the grind.