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New York Cares...


Casey does the tourist thing atop the Empire State.

Things I love about the City:

1. Abundant, inexpensive "ethnic" food. Ever order Cambodian delivery at 10:30 p.m.? In Brooklyn you can. Props also go to to Zen Palate, Kaytoon's, Milano & Baluchi's.

2. Crazy people. They are everywhere, and they are ready to let you know what's up.

3. The Strand Bookstore. Miles of Books. 'Nuff said.

4. Pretty girls.

5. That strange occult musical instrument shop. Can't remember what it's called. But expect some weird-ass bells on the next Contrarian record.

5. Other Music & Kim's record/movie stores. I found a Magma disc, for crap's sake! You can honestly spend a half hour wondering WHICH Terry Riley album to buy.

6. A-Rod's in Fort Green. This tiny 24-hour hispanic bodega is the REAL Brooklyn experience.

Things I hate about the City:

1. Asshole cabbies who let four people into the cab, ask where you're going and when you tell 'em "Brooklyn," they claim they're off-duty.

2. Driving rain in Manhattan when you're trying to hail a cab.

3. Times Square, and any shop on Lexington or Madison Avenues.

4. That shitty hipster/hippie vegan breakfast joint with the 2 hour wait and wretched service. Kate's, I think it's called.

5. Quasi-attractive hordes of wannabe bohemians in the Lower East Side who think they're on to something. Grow up.

By the way, Neil Michael Haggerty (ex of Royal Trux) Is the greatest American rocker alive.

It's like having Jerry Lee Lewis, Dr. John, Chuck Berry and Lou Reed changing Hendix's diaper. Sorry no hyperlinks there — I gotta go to work.