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New Musicks.


Just last night I was complaining to Michael at Pure Pop that I haven't been blown away by an album in quite a while. Even old standbys that I'd normally flip for have been less than overwhelming. The new Super Furry Animals is kinda nice, but I'm not completely sucked in yet. Likewise the latest Animal Collective disc, which I'm happy to have received an advance of.

I know, the world's tiniest violin is somewhere playing a tragic sonata for yours truly.

Well, I'm pretty psyched that today has brought a bounty of good sounds.

My old pal Leda was right on about the Dengue Fever album — it RULES. Are any of you familiar with them? They're a San Francisco-based band that plays wild Cambodian rock. Well,that's what they were, anyway. They've fully come into their own with this release, and mere words cannot do it justice. Beautiful, and utterly recommended.

I also received the new Ennio Morricone comp on Ipecac today. It's a double album and the second disc is incredible. You can definitely see where John Zorn and Mike Patton got their sonic schtick from. It's a fine overview of the crazy-brilliant Italian Master's work.

Finally, there's 1969's Magick Brother by Gong. It's their first album, and it helped birth that pastoral offspring of progressive rock known as acid-folk or freak-folk. A must have for you shaggy Devendra-heads looking for the real trip. I picked it up after re-falling for their masterpiece Angel's Egg.

I also managed to get my hands on the latest Khanate record (they blew me away last nite at Higher Ground, btw) but my good friend Chris Miller made off with it. Sure, I asked him to put in his pocket for me, but the bastard never gave it back!

Chris if you're reading this, I'm on to you.

Wow. Just as I finished that last sentence, a package from Southern Lord arrived, with the new Sunn O))) album!!!!

Damn, kids — when you're hot, you're hot!