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Party Favored.


Man, the Seven Days 10th Birthday Bash was fun. I'm not gonna do a play-by-play here, 'cause you'll be able to read about it in this week's Sound Bites. I will say this though — if you didn't catch Leslie & the Ly's impromptu live performance you don't know what you missed. Holy shit, she was awesome.

But you can always watch her videos for Gem Sweater and Beat Dazzler. Doesn't compare to her show, but still damn good.

So, now that I'm almost finished with this hang over, I can get back to business.

My piece on WRUV's Exposure runs this week, and I'm putting together an article on local bands who use My Space for the following issue.

So if you're reading this, are in a band and rock My Space, lemme know.

Of course I'll probably just contact all of you through my own page.

And check out that dork The Contrarian while you're at it.