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The wisdom of Iggy...


As some of you might already know, I occasionally go deaf in my left ear, often when I truly need my hearing for professional reasons. I know I should see a specialist (regular outpatient services have provided no relief) but there's usually a long waiting list. Not to mention that it costs a ton of dough.

So for now I'm just kicking back and reading Mojo magazine, waiting for the problem to go away, as it often does.

The latest issue features an interview with Iggy Pop, which are always entertaining.

Here's a quote from the Igster about the first Stooges album being lambasted in Rolling Stone.

"I thought at the time they were just trying to insult us. But that whole Rolling Stone thing -- Rock Goes to College -- is not where it came from, dude. The requisite energy does not reside in American centers of young adult learning, I'm afraid, and never will. Nirvana is better than Phish, period!"

While I'm inclined to agree with Mr. Pop, I must say that I've been enjoying some live Dead lately. That could be because I'm half-deaf and blitzed on Sudafed. Still, I heard a verson of "Tennesse Jed" that melted my mind.

Let my tale be a cautionary one.

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