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Keep the pace with your favorite critics!


Anybody out there familiar with the book The Rock Snob's Dictionary? It's a handy A to Z compendium of artists and terminology used by us notoriously jaded and snarky critic-types.

It was written by a couple of Vanity Fair rock geeks, and was published last April.

Yes, now you too can drop references to Joe Meek, Captain Beefheart and use cool crit words like plangent.

Highly recommended.

I have gotten a few scathing e-mails lambasting my "tone," which, according to some, comes from the fact that I'm a "jaded ex-musician."

To set the record straight, I'm not really an "ex" anything.  However, I am semi-retired from performance. Nevertheless, I have my hands full every week working on one audio project or another.

And those who know me well can attest to the fact that I've always been an armchair cultural anthropologist. Even at my most musically active, I always enjoyed the critical and historical analysis of art. My main area of focus just happens to be the aural.

So there.