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Pod People!


This also has nothing to do with music. Unless you count the chimes of terror in my heart when I stumbled across: THE POD PEOPLE.

Although I'm involved in some geeky stuff, like music production, I'm really starting to show my age, mainly through an unconscious resistance to new technologies. The other day, I found myself getting grumpy about "Live on Demand" - the authorized CD bootlegging of concerts that you just watched. I don't know why, exactly. And another one is Podcasting, which I still don't understand.

Anyway, I was strolling past the Radio Bean recently, and happened to glance inside.
Gathered around a table filled with microphones, headphones and laptops were four of the most unlikely folks I'd have ever imagined occupying an empty coffee shop on a Friday afternoon.

Seven Days' own Cathy Resmer, Matt G. Paradise - who is a far darker lord than I - media whiz Bill Simmon, and freaky artist/illustrator Greg Giordano were podcasting  their little hearts out. They beckoned me in, but I was too frightened. Luckily my cellphone rang, giving me an excuse to beat a hasty retreat.

Beware, Burlingtonians. It's like some wi-fi Invasion of the Body Snatchers out there.

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