Let's be open about things, shall we? | Solid State

Let's be open about things, shall we?


I was recently asked why Seven Days hadn't covered a certain specific band all that much lately. Said band is of the "jam" variety, and are one of the Green Mountains' biggest musical exports.

The answer I gave was simple: I rely on the bands (or their representatives) to send me news. My Sound Bites column is an open forum designed to keep the community up to date on local musical goings-on, space and deadlines permitting, of course. But I need you to keep me informed. I ain't no psychic.

As far as feature articles are concerned, those get hashed out between myself and my editors. It helps when I've taken a particular shine to a group, but I've covered everything from a capella to punk rock. Yes, even jam.

That having been said, part of this gig is being a critic. I know some folks don't take kindly to anyone harshing on a local band, but, having seen nearly every side of this freakish business, I have to say it's better to take your lumps here before getting completely torn apart in a larger, more competitive and less forgiving market.

I personally enjoy lots of music -- from the Allman Brothers to Black Metal, so keep working at whatever you do, and I'll do my best to get you some press.