Goodbye, Off Message Blog. Hello, 21st Century! | Off Message

Goodbye, Off Message Blog. Hello, 21st Century!


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After nine and a half years, Seven Days is finally saying goodbye to its “Off Message” blog. Uh, we had a blog? And still did, in … 2022? What makes a blog different from, say, a website?

All good questions! The blog came about as a way for us to write about things that happened during the week, in between Wednesday issues of the print paper. Nowadays — and actually for many years — we run a robust website that isn’t just a place for short snippets as much as one that’s home to fully reported articles.

Hence, the decision to ditch “Off Message,” which originally was intended for stories just about politics. Instead, it became a catchall for everyday news “blogs.”

Eliminating “Off Message” won’t change much for you as a reader. Everything will still be online, free and available 24 hours a day, but without the “Off Message” header. Web-first news articles will still be published in the news section and each story will also have some time on the homepage, ready for you to read.

Internally, we still call online stories “blogs.” As in, “Hey editors, I’m blogging today, but it won’t be ready until 10 p.m. Have fun!”

And, you know what? We probably will continue to call them blogs. Old habits die hard.