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Two Defense Contractors in Colchester to Merge Into Single Firm


Omni Medical's building in Colchester - OMNI MEDICAL
  • Omni Medical
  • Omni Medical's building in Colchester
Omni Precision and Omni Medical, two Colchester firms with the same owner, are merging into one company to save money.

The new entity will be called Omni Medical, said chief operating officer Maribel Morgan. The move came after the company looked at ways of streamlining its processes and identified some redundant roles, she said.

Omni Medical sells a device that helps pilots relieve their bladders mid-flight without leaving their seats. Omni Precision makes a part for the product.
Morgan said the two entities, which were located side by side,  should never have been organized as separate companies. They'll be located in one building.

The two companies, owned by Mark Harvie, had about 84 employees before the merger process started, said Morgan. She expects the new company to have about 48 after some attrition. Some workers from Omni Precision are being offered jobs at Omni Medical. Harvie also owns a training facility in South Burlington called Omni Defense, she said.

About half of the companies’ workers are of Vietnamese descent, and Morgan said the company has staff members who can translate for job seekers. The company works closely with the Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center, and displaced workers will be able to participate in a VEMC job fair at Omni Medical in coming days, she added.

“Three of our team leads and supervisors who are fully fluent can do all our translations,” she said.

Workers are in high demand in Chittenden County. After the Koffee Kup bakery closed abruptly at the end of April, other companies posted signs outside it advertising positions. Restaurants are offering bonuses to workers who stay on the job. Some employers have reported they’re turning away business or limiting hours because they don’t have enough workers.

Employment agencies have far more openings than they do applicants, said Lilian Tacovici, who owns Vermont Employment Agency in South Burlington.

“There is no doubt in my mind that these people will be able to find a job in manufacturing right away,” Tacovici said Tuesday. “In fact, if they come to us, I can promise you we will find a job for them within a day.”

Morgan joined Omni Medical last year. She said she was hired to streamline operations at the companies, which are military contractors.

“We’re just trying to be efficient overall and grow the business,” she said. “We think this is the best way, so we’re not consuming overhead in two buildings.”