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It's Election Day! Have You Voted Yet?


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Tuesday is Election Day in America.

It's the final day for Vermont voters to cast ballots for governor, lieutenant governor, state senators and representatives, as well as other statewide offices. President, too.

In Vermont, all active registered voters received a mail-in ballot owing to the pandemic, and as of Monday evening, at least 260,142 Vermonters had already cast their ballots. That’s more than 81 percent of the 2016 general election turnout, and close to triple the previous early voting record, set the same year.

But if you’re among the half of eligible Vermonters who haven’t yet voted, you can still head to your polling place and cast your ballot. If you got a ballot in the mail, the Secretary of State's Office recommends bringing it with you to simplify the process.

Don’t know where you should vote? Find your polling place using the Vermont Secretary of State's Office's voter lookup tool. And make sure to wear a mask and maintain physical distance when you get to the polls.

Not registered yet? You can still vote! Pop that mask on, head to your local polling place, get yourself registered and cast your vote.

We’ll be following election news throughout the day and reporting results once the polls close at 7 p.m. Follow us on Twitter, and come back Tuesday evening for more election coverage.

Not sure who to vote for? Brush up on the candidates with our General Election Voters’ Guide.

Once you've voted, while you're waiting for election results, test your Vermont voting smarts with this quiz.

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