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Scott Urges Trump to Invoke Defense Production Act


Gov. Phil Scott - FILE: PAUL HEINTZ
  • File: Paul Heintz
  • Gov. Phil Scott
Gov. Phil Scott on Friday urged President Donald Trump to utilize the Defense Production Act to manufacture ventilators and other "critical equipment and supplies."

In a letter sent to Trump shortly before 2 p.m., Scott wrote that Vermont was "particularly concerned about being able to secure enough ventilators for critically ill patients."

The Defense Production Act allows the president to force businesses to take action in support of the national defense.

"Please, Mr. President, use the DPA to order the expedited production of ventilators, and other essential supplies," Scott wrote. "Doing so will help us save many American lives."

Later Friday afternoon, Trump invoked that authority on a limited basis, calling on General Motors to manufacture ventilators. The president had been feuding with the company over how long it would take to produce the ventilators and how much it would cost.

"Our negotiations with GM regarding its ability to supply ventilators have been productive, but our fight against the virus is too urgent to allow the give-and-take of the contracting process to continue to run its normal course," Trump said in a written statement. "GM was wasting time. Today’s action will help ensure the quick production of ventilators that will save American lives."

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