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Is Your Home in a New Airport Noise Zone? Find Out Here


An estimated 2,640 dwelling units around Burlington International Airport will be affected by noise levels at or above 65 decibels, according to projections released last week. (The decibels figure represents the estimated average noise level over a 24-hour period).

The increased noise is a factor both of the basing of F-35 fighter jets at BTV and an anticipated increase in commercial flights arriving at and departing the airport. Nearby residents got a preview the F-35s' volume late last week, when four jets on their way overseas were diverted to the airport. Homeowners within these high-noise zones could be eligible for soundproofing grants. Airport officials say they will apply for funds to protect housing values in the coming years. Use the map below to examine the estimated noise exposure zones and to find out what addresses fall within the zones. (And don't worry: We won't log any data you enter here.)

Projected Noise Impact of the Burlington International Airport in 2023

Data: • Locations of addresses are based on Google estimates, and may not be exact.