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DR Power Equipment Plans to Move Headquarters, Jobs From Vergennes


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DR Power Equipment is moving its headquarters from Vergennes to South Burlington and relocating some operations to Wisconsin, home of its parent company, Generac Power Systems.

DR Power Equipment is part of Country Home Products, which was founded in Vergennes in 1985 and locally owned until it sold to Wisconsin-based Generac in 2015. DR makes and sells equipment for yard work.

Generac is moving most of DR Power Equipment's jobs out of Vergennes. Art Aiello, the public relations manager for Generac, said in an email that the company's shipping and repair operations are moving to Wisconsin. Twenty-six employees will be affected, though they're being offered other jobs in the company.

"Those who choose to leave the company will be given severance packages," Aiello wrote. The move, meant to take place in the second quarter of 2019, "is intended to better position DR Power Equipment for future growth," he wrote. "DR Power is also adding a number of jobs throughout 2018 and into 2019." He did not specify where.

According to Vermont Business Magazine, Country Home Products had 200 workers as of June 2018, making it Addison County's fifth-largest employer. In addition to DR Power Equipment, Country Home Products includes Neuton Power Equipment, which makes electric-powered yard tools.

Country Home Products closed a Winooski facility last year as Generac moved manufacturing operations to Wisconsin. In that instance, 67 Vermonters lost their jobs.

Employers are required to inform the Vermont Department of Labor in advance of mass layoffs, but Labor Commissioner Lindsay Kurrle said Friday morning that Country Home Products hasn’t notified the department about any cuts.