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Colston's Write-in Bid Wins Him a Winooski City Council Seat


Hal Colston and Kristine Lott - PHOTO ILLUSTRATION
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  • Hal Colston and Kristine Lott
It's rare for a write-in candidate to win a seat on the Winooski City Council. But Hal Colston did just that on Tuesday.

"It was just kind of, wow," Colston said Wednesday. "It just ... reinforced for me that this is my time to step in and serve.”

The nonprofit exec got into the campaign in early February, after the deadline to get on the ballot had passed. He distributed stickers, posters and postcards to help people vote for him. When 537 people did, Colston claimed one of two council seats that were up for grabs.

Kristine Lott, who was listed on the ballot, won the other seat. She was the top vote-getter, with 607 ballots.

Ebony Nyoni, who was also listed the ballot, finished third with 347 votes.
Nyoni is an activist and the director of Black Lives Matter Vermont. Seven Days wrote about her legal dispute with a South Burlington woman in a February 21 story about the council race.

Contacted Wednesday, Nyoni declined to comment. "I have no interest in talking to you," she said. "Go to hell."

Colston said he planned to reach out to Nyoni.

"She obviously had a number of people who supported her candidacy," he said. "As I've said all along, I really want to be a voice for everyone ... I certainly will reach out to her and let her know that’s why I'm here."

Colston and Lott will be sworn in for two-year terms on March 19.