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Massachusetts to Hire a Cannabis Inspector


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Looks like legal weed is already sprouting new state job opportunities in Massachusetts.

The Bay State plans to hire a cannabis inspector to work in its Department of Agricultural Resources. The November 3 job posting is open until the position is filled, but those applying in the first 14 days will get precedence.

“This inspector position will enforce the laws and regulations involving hemp and overlapping laws and regulations that impact the cultivation of marijuana,” the posting reads.

 Massachusetts voters approved recreational use of marijuana last year. Retail stores are expected to open in July.

The potential candidate for the cannabis inspector job must have at least a bachelor's degree in “agronomy, biology, chemistry, plant pathology, entomology, or related fields,” along with “experience or knowledge about cannabis and how it is regulated in other states.”

The position comes with a salary of $42,000 to $57,000, and you do need a valid Massachusetts driver’s license — meaning you need to live in the state.

Sound like you? Whip up a cover letter, update that resume and click here to apply.