Holy Fireball! BTV Camera Captures Meteor Early Tuesday | Off Message

Holy Fireball! BTV Camera Captures Meteor Early Tuesday


Cameras at Burlington International Airport captured a bright meteor streaking across the inky sky at 12:50 a.m. on Tuesday.

Two airport operations employees were on the otherwise-idle runway doing routine work when they saw the meteor. It looked so close that they worried it might have crashed at the Vermont Air Guard installation across the tarmac.

They made a quick call to the guard and were told there was no problem, according to Gene Richards, director of aviation.

The two employees checked to see if the airport security cameras had captured the show, and found they had. “We had a crew right out there and they came back in and they checked our cameras and it couldn’t have been more perfect,” said Richards, who was not at the airport when the fly-by took place.

“It’s really beautiful, and it’s a real rare occurrence,” Richards said.