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Zephyr Teachout Running for Congress in N.Y.


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When former Vermont resident Zephyr Teachout last made political waves, she was a Brooklyn resident giving New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo a surprisingly tough challenge in the Democratic primary for governor in 2014.

Now the Fordham University law professor is living in New York’s Dutchess County and has just announced plans to run for Congress in the 19th district as a Democrat. 

The district, now represented by Republican Chris Gibson, who is not seeking reelection, could be a tough one for the liberal Teachout. It includes vast rural areas east, south and west of Albany, but not the city itself. However, with Gibson not running, the Cook Political Report lists the seat in 2016 as a political toss-up.

Teachout, who grew up in Norwich, Vt., is the daughter of Vermont Law School professor Peter Teachout and Vermont Superior Court Judge Mary Miles Teachout.