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Bernie Sanders
Vintage Video Captures Bernie Sanders' Folk Recording Session


In case you haven't noticed, Sen. Bernie Sanders' (I-Vt.) career hasn't exactly suffered since Seven Days unearthed his long-forgotten folk recordings last September and introduced them to the world via Bernie Beat.

Inside and outside the Beltway, musical and political connoisseurs have enjoyed listening to him croon such favorites as "This Land Is Your Land." Now Vermont's junior senator is making a run for the Democratic presidential nomination — and drawing big crowds on the campaign trail.

A related feast for the senses has surfaced on a YouTube video discovered Wednesday by BuzzFeed. It captures Sanders and company recording "Freedom" in 1987. Seven Days founder and co-owner Pamela Polston is among the backup singers lending her pipes to the effort. (Skip ahead to 1:10 and check her out on the right.)

It looks like an old VHS recording, complete with all the imperfections of that medium, but the musical magic comes through.

A Sanders supporter who uploaded it to YouTube labeled it the "Berniest Bernie Sanders Video Ever."

A bold boast. Does it deliver?