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Shumlin: Marijuana 'Wasn't Much Fun Anymore'


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Gov. Peter Shumlin said Tuesday he wouldn’t use marijuana even if it were legal in Vermont.

“Been there, done that,” Shumlin replied to a question at a news conference that covered a variety of topics.

Shumlin said that he used marijuana as a young adult, but found that as he got older and had more responsibilities, “It wasn’t much fun anymore.” The 58-year-old gov said a lot of people in his generation feel the same way.

Shumlin, who’s been a supporter of marijuana reform groups, has said he leans in favor of legalization but wants to wait for more information from the legalizations in Colorado and Washington before Vermont goes there.

Shumlin has declined to put a time frame to that.

A recent study on the impacts of legalization in Vermont was delivered by the RAND Corporation. The report estimated that Vermont could make $20 to $75 million a year from taxing pot, but did not make any recommendations. 

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