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A Sweet Bridge of Congressional Divides: Maple Syrup


Finding bipartisan agreement in Congress is a pretty sticky endeavor these days, but there’s apparently one thing our elected leaders can agree on: maple syrup.

At least, that's the message of a video clip posted to Congressman Peter Welch’s (D-Vt.) Facebook page Thursday.

On Thanksgiving, U.S. House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) shared his turkey brine recipe with the public, noting that “the real secret is 16 ounces of pure maple syrup."

So Vermont’s lone representative jumped to the task of, well, repping his state’s prolific maple syrup output. After all, the Green Mountain State did produce 10 times more maple syrup than the Buckeye State state did in 2014 — 1.3 million gallons to Ohio’s 130,000, according to the National Agriculture Statistics Service.

In the video, Welch notes that he’s heading over to give Boehner “the best maple syrup: Vermont maple syrup."

Maple syrup is also sweeter and more versatile than olive branches.

As an added bonus, 28 seconds — half of the 55-second video — depict Welch fast-forwarding his way over to Boehner’s office.

No word on whether the bottle of syrup has patched up the shaky relationship between congressional Democrats and Republicans, but Boehner did tweet that the syrup would be a feature of the next #BoehnerBrine.