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Shumlin Widens Lead in Complete, Unofficial Results


Results as of November 12, 2014
  • Results as of November 12, 2014
Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin won 2,434 more votes than Republican challenger Scott Milne in last Tuesday's election, according to new results released late Friday night by the secretary of state's office.

Those results constitute a final count of all 275 polling places, but will not be certified by the state canvassing committee until Wednesday at 10 a.m. Statewide candidates within 2 percent of the top vote-getter can request a recount, but must do so by the end of the day Wednesday.

According to the final tally, Shumlin received 89,509 votes, or 46.4 percent of the 193,087 votes cast. Milne collected 87,075 votes, or 45.1 percent. Libertarian Dan Feliciano won 8,428 votes, or 4.4 percent. 

The split between Shumlin and Milne is wider than the 2,095 vote difference reported last week by the Associated Press. 

Milne said Thursday he would decide early next week whether to request a recount

Since no candidate received 50 percent of the vote, a joint assembly of the Vermont House and Senate will meet in January to select a winner from among the top three vote-getters. Milne has suggested he may not concede the race, even if he loses a plurality, and might continue fighting until January.