Milne's Brain Freeze Makes 'Daily Show' | Off Message

Milne's Brain Freeze Makes 'Daily Show'


We were surprised that neither Stephen Colbert nor Jon Stewart picked up on Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne's fresh cow-pie-tossing campaign ad last week.

But it turns out the good people at Comedy Central are paying attention to Vermont, after all. They simply chose another bizarro campaign moment from Milne's growing catalogue of gaffes.

Last night's 'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart' ended with a clip of Milne stumbling to remember where he was born during last week's debate on Vermont PBS.

"Third generation, born in Vermont," Milne said, then paused awkwardly to amend his statement: "Ah, take that back, I was born in Brooklyn."

In all, it's been a banner week for mocking Vermont politicians. Numerous media outlets, including the Washington Post, and random people on the internet had a good old time skewering some of the lesser-known candidates, their outfits and the crazy things that they had to say during the Vermont PBS debate.

Everyone still convinced there's no such thing as bad publicity?