Progressive Party Leader Running For VT House Seat | Off Message

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Progressive Party Leader Running For VT House Seat

Robert Millar, executive director of the Vermont Progressive Party, has formally announced he is running under the party's banner for a seat in the Vermont House representing Winooski and part of Burlington.

Millar, who worked as U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders' office manager during Sanders' 2012 re-election campaign, will step down from his role with the Progressive Party to focus on his campaign and will work as a consultant. 

Millar is running for the seat held by Democrat George Cross, who declined to seek reelection. Republicans and Democrats have not announced a candidate for the seat.“My primary focus in my career has been a dedication to local government, community development, and empowering people," Millar said in a prepared statement.

"I am passionate about fighting for economic, social, and racial justice, working to end poverty, and helping people take charge of their political institutions and future. Although my experience of campaigns has primarily been behind the scenes, I can think of no better way to continue to advance these goals than to take the plunge and run for office myself.”

Millar, who has lived in Winooski for six years and served two years on the city's school board, is running for the Chittenden 6-7 House district.

Progressives have announced they will have at least 21 candidates seeking election in November, including 14 House candidates.