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The Scoreboard: This Week's Winners and Losers


State politics took the week off, but local politics picked up the slack. Here's this week's accounting of winners and losers in Vermont news and politics for the week ending Friday, March 8:


Burlington Progressives —The Queen City’s favorite third- (or is it second-?) party expanded itspresence on the Burlington City Council Tuesday with wins by Prog Jane Knodelland Prog-leaning independent Sharon Bushor. 

Schoolbudgets — Enrollment’s down, budgets are up andVermont voters arejust lovin’ it!

TIF towns — Gov. Peter Shumlin says he wants to "wipe the slate clean" for four top towns that former state auditor Tom Salmon said owed the state $6 million in TIF cash. Runner-up loser: Salmon.

Tar Sand-ernistas — Twenty-eight towns say no to tar sand transpo' through Vermont. Now remind me who cares?

Losers after the break...

Tie Score:

BurlingtonDemocrats  — The Dems lost a couple tough city council races, butmanaged to win one in the (relatively) conservative New North End. Now the bigquestion is whether they’ll be able to hold on to the council presidency.



BurlingtonRepublicans — After getting demolished in last year’smayor’s race, losing a New North End council race this year and holding justone seat on the 14-member city council, can the Burlington GOP really beconsidered a major party anymore?

Kingdom cows — Moo! Runner-up loser: Elmer Fudd. Watch out wabbit-hunters!

RosanneGreco — It was bad enough for the SouthBurlington City Council chairwoman that two close colleagues were routedTuesday. Making it worse? Her sore-loser comments to the Burlington Free Press and Seven Days. Runner-uplosers: F-35 opponents, who will find less support for their position onthe SoBurl council.

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