The Fact Checker: Is the Fact Checker Really on Hiatus? | Off Message

The Fact Checker: Is the Fact Checker Really on Hiatus?


Each week in Fact Checker, reporters and editors from Seven Days and will evaluate the veracity of statements and rate them on a five-point scale: True, Mostly True, Debatable, Mostly False and Udder Bull.

CLAIM: "The Fact Checker is on indefinite hiatus," Seven DaysOff Message blog, Nov. 7, 2012.

FACTS: The Fact Checker has been running candidate statements and other claims through the BS detector for a good few weeks now. But with the campaign season over and the next legislative session not yet begun, the pace of outrageous claims has slowed down considerably. Therefore, the editors have decided to put the feature on administrative leave (unpaid, of course). The Fact Checker reserves the right to come back at any time, but will not appear weekly in Seven Days or on for the next several weeks. If you have a fact you want checked, however, email us and we'll check it out.

SCORE: Judging from the byline of this post, and the website it's appearing on, this claim appears to be totally legit. For that reason, we rate it "True."