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The Scoreboard: This Week's Winners and Losers


Each Friday here at Off Message headquarters, we bring you the week's winners and losers in Vermont news and politics. Here they are for the week of Friday, Oct. 26:


The Vermont Municipal Bond Bank — The little-known bonding backwater became the topic of the week after Democratic State Treasurer Beth Pearce turned its internal "watch list" into a campaign hit against her Republican opponent, Rutland City Treasurer Wendy Wilton. Man, I hope I never get on their shit list.

Vince Illuzzi and Doug Hoffer —Weasely Vermont politicians, particularly Democrats, have taken to the line that while they hate on Citizens United, there's nothing they can legally do to stop super PACs from spending on their behalf. But Sen. Vince Illuzzi (R-Franklin), the Republican candidate for state auditor, has proved them wrong: He told the press he wished the conservative Vermonters First wouldn't back his candidacy and, lo and behold, they stopped! His Democratic opponent, Doug Hoffer, also deserves praise for his early and unequivocal denunciation of super PACs. Better than most Dems.

Champlain College — Sure, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters founder Robert Stiller lost a fortune — and his board chairmanship — when the coffee stock tanked last May, but dude still apparently has enough cash to give $10 million of it to Champlain College. How many K-Cups would that buy you?

Circling Wagons — The Democratic political establishment came out in full force this week for Pearce's campaign, after the embattled state treasurer finally started swinging. A gaggle of Democratic senators held a Statehouse press conference Tuesday bashing Wilton. Gov. Peter Shumlin hit Wilton in his own gubernatorial debate, and the gov's secretary of administration, Jeb Spaulding, helped a liberal super PAC put a radio ad on-air backing Pearce. Good timing or too little too late?

Losers after the jump...


Department of Human Resources lawyers — Republican gubernatorial candidate Randy Brock sent administration lawyers on a massive dumpster dive Thursday morning, asking for pretty much every document related to anything from any time. Bummer for administration lawyers. Runner-Up Loser: Randy Brock for devoting the closing days of his gubernatorial campaign to a peculiar wild goose chase. What's Randy fishing for anyway?

Bradford Broyles — Is Wendy Wilton's campaign manager this year's Corry Bliss? Wilton's campaign has grown dramatically more negative since Broyles came on board. Typically, campaign managers are supposed to keep their candidates under control — but Broyles seems intent on pushing Wilton out on a ledge. A few weeks ago he ramped up Wilton's anti-renter rhetoric — and yesterday he debuted her Vermont Municipal Bond Bank conspiracy theory. What's next?!

Vermont Yankee — A federal judge on Thursday threw out a lawsuit filed by Entergy against the state of Vermont for imposing a generating tax on power plants that produce more than 200 megawatts of electricity. And, um, VY is the only such plant in the state. Runner-Up Winner: Attorney General Bill Sorrell, for whom a win against VY a week and a half before the election couldn't hurt.

Vermont GOP campaign coffers — As Sam Hemingway reported in the Burlington Free Press Thursday, more than $7.8 million temporarily parked in the Vermont Republican Party's federal campaign account has, as expected, been transferred to Mitt Romney's efforts in battleground states. The real bummer is that Vermont GOP chairman Jack Lindley seemed to have no idea that was the case until Hemingway gave him a ring.

Seven Days' Paul Heintz, VPR's John Dillon and's Nat Rudarakanchana — We three blind mice spotted Wendy Wilton looking on as Beth Pearce attacked her at a Statehouse press conference Monday (see left). After it ended, we chased Wilton through the Statehouse to get a response (she left halfway through) only to realize that the woman we identified as the Rutland Republican actually wasn't. It was Rep. Anne O'Brien (D-Richmond). What a bunch of knucklehead reporters!