Howard Dean Livetweets Traffic Troubles in Connecticut | Off Message

Howard Dean Livetweets Traffic Troubles in Connecticut


Updated 9/19/12

When we last checked in with former governor Howard Dean's Twitter adventures, he was rocking out to the String Cheese Incident and Jack Johnson. Last night Dean went on another tweetin' spree, this time updating the internet on the traffic situation in Connecticut. Here we go:

Assuming he meant 11:11, as the tweet was sent at 11:11 p.m. Damn those typos!

 No work being done? What a waste of taxpayer resources!

Whew! Thank God New York's got it together. Take a lesson, Connecticut.

BTW, Mr. Dean, you weren't tweeting while driving, were you?

Good save.

This morning Dean was back to his usual self, blasting Mitt Romney over his "nearly half of Americans are freeloaders" comments. That was good stuff, too.

Howard Dean: No room for irony.

Lightheartedness inside, it is refreshing to see a public figure like Dean take the reins of his own online presence and let loose, even when it's utterly banal and silly like this. It beats the typical political Twitter account, blasting out dull updates crafted by PR staffers. Do your own tweeting, politicians — it's what social media's really for. (And you'll avoid getting busted pretending to be where you're not.)

Just don't do what Anthony Weiner did.

UPDATE: WCAX has a story today about the current governor's tweeting habits in which Gov. Peter Shumlin admits he doesn't have much to do with the Twitter account bearing his name.