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Holiday Stash: A Cannabis Gift Guide


Mary, Mary Patch - BAD LUCK GOODS
  • Bad Luck Goods
  • Mary, Mary Patch
The recreational use of cannabis is yet to be fully legalized in the great state of Vermont. But plenty of locals still partake, including a growing number of medical cannabis users who do so legally. And that's to say nothing of industrial hemp — that's cannabis low in THC — which is increasingly harvested for its cannabidiol, aka CBD.  CBD is extracted in oil and added to lotions, salves, chocolates and oil-based pills of all sorts. It's an easy, plant-based way to mellow out after a long day — especially before the parade of anxiety-inducing holiday parties and family events .

With that in mind, we've put together a little gift list of seven CBD and THC-related goodies for you and your loved ones this year.

"Bob's Burgers" Ceramic Pipe

Louise's Pipe - BAKED IN VERMONT
  • Baked in Vermont
  • Louise's Pipe
Your friend has been using the same glass pipe since college. She's now 35 and a big fan of the cartoon "Bob's Burgers." Make her day by presenting her with Louise's Pipe by Baked in Vermont. An illustration of BB's Louise Belcher graces this hand-thrown ceramic piece along with a quote that captures her ethos. The company also makes versions featuring show favorites Bob, Linda, Eugene and Tina. Oh, and there's one with a "happy unicorn." And a full-on, circular burger pipe. $65 at Baked in Vermont's online store.

Embroidered Mary Jane Patch

Mary, Mary patch by Bad Luck Goods - DANIEL SCHECHNER OF LIFE IN THE BOONIES
  • Daniel Schechner of Life in the Boonies
  • Mary, Mary patch by Bad Luck Goods
Let your stylish cousin know you care with one (or two) of these beautiful hand-embroidered patches. These vibrant, chain-stitched beauties — called "Mary, Mary" —  by Vermont-based Bad Luck Goods can be sewn to your cuz's favorite denim jacket. Or, as suggested in this photo from the artist, over both nipples on a shirt. $30 at Bad Luck Goods on Big Cartel.

Locking Bag for Weed Storage

Locking bag - DION'S LOCKSMITH
  • Dion's Locksmith
  • Locking bag
Your mom just got her medical marijuana card, but she still needs one thing if she's going to pick up at the dispensary. According to state law, if you're a medical marijuana patient in the state of Vermont you need to have your weed locked in a box, or another vessel, in your car when you transport it. Grab a handy fabric bag with a locking mechanism in the zipper so that mom won't have to lug around a clunky box when she heads to the dispensary. $29.99 at Dion's Locksmith in Burlington.

High Strength Cannabidiol Oil

  • Upstate Elevator Supply Company
  • Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oil
The holidays have your dad even more on edge than usual. The old man could seriously use a chill pill — or dropper. The Upstate Elevator Supply Company's Full Spectrum CBD MCT Oil is no joke. MCT is a derivative of coconut oil, and according to the company, it serves as a superior delivery mechanism for CBD. Of all the company's products, which include tinctures and coconut-oil based capsules and salves, this stuff is the strongest. One dropper yields about 40 milligrams of CBD. $79.99 at Green State Gardener in Burlington

CBD Dog Treats

CannaNatural biscuits - HEALTHY HEMP PET COMPANY
  • Healthy Hemp Pet Company
  • CannaNatural biscuits
Your coworker's dog is the sweetest li'l guy there ever was, but his age is starting to show. Slip his mom a bag of these CannaNatural Biscuits from the Healthy Hemp Pet Company. They're sure to make Sparky's tail wag, and the two milligrams of CBD in every treat just might help ease his aching joints. $29.99 per four-ounce bag at Pet Food Warehouse in South Burlington and Shelburne.

CBD-Infused Truffles

  • Courtesy of Monarch & the Milkweed
  • CBD-infused truffles
Does your S.O. like chocolate? Are they also stressed? Well, these quarter-sized CBD-infused truffles are just the thing they need. The delectable treats by Monarch & the Milkweed come in a few flavors, including chocolate mint, pumpkin and strawberry with white chocolate. Inside a perfect chocolate shell, a liquid fondant center serves of precisely 20 milligrams of cannabidiol. Heck, it doesn't even matter where your stress levels are — these are just plain delicious. It's a good thing they cost a pretty penny, otherwise, you'd never stop eating them. $10 at Monarch and the Milkweed and Maglianero in Burlington.

Topical CBD Salve

  • Green Mountain CBD
  • Edible CBD Salve
Your aunt is an avid gardener. But this summer her arthritis flared up hardcore. Her hands still ache, especially in the cold, but this cannabidiol salve by Green Mountain CBD should calm the inflammation. It's technically edible — just CBD extracted in coconut oil — but you can also apply it to sore hands or stiff jaws. Plus, it's made here in Vermont. $30 at City Market.