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Exclusive: Dwight & Nicole Unveil New Video, 'Wait'


Dwight & Nicole, "Wait" - STILL FROM "WAIT"
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In these troubled, turbulent times, it's likely you've found yourself thinking, Self, you know what I could really go for? A gorgeous, rock-tinged, soul-snuggling new single from Dwight & Nicole, that's what. Also, at the risk of getting greedy, maybe a cool new video, too.

Well, guess what? On Monday, July 24, the Burlington-based trio released "Wait," the A-side for a forthcoming  45rpm release. Today, the band unveiled the video for said single. Let's just jump right in, shall we?
If you need a minute to compose yourself after vocalist Nicole Nelson hits that spine-tingling "Waaaaait" at the hook, we understand. Take a deep breath … (Is it dusty in here? I'm not crying, you're crying!)

Ready now?

Queen City denizens will likely recognize a number of places and faces in the video, which was shot and produced by BTV videographer and photographer Kayhl Cooper.  For instance, Nelson, guitarist Dwight Ritcher and drummer Ezra Oklan are seen playing at local artist Clarke Derbes' "truck lot gallery" on Pine Street.

Other locales include numerous spots near City Hall Park, the exterior of Nelson and Ritcher's funky lakeside apartment compound, and vintage clothing hub Old Gold. OG's Hiroka Nakahira makes a cameo, as do Maglianero barista Nate House and songwriter Ryan Montbleau, among other Burlingtonians of varying renown and backgrounds.

Combined with the song's subtle but urgent plea for peace, love and understanding, the video's rich, multicultural tapestry of faces suggests Dwight & Nicole have had unity on the mind. (We suspect if "Wait" were played prior to, say, certain political gatherings or maybe South Burlington High School board meetings, the song's comforting strains might help ratchet down some vitriol and chill folks out a bit. But that's just us.)

In an email, Nelson writes that the 45 is due out later this summer — but it's available on iTunes now. The band will follow that with an EP this fall and a new full-length — their first since Shine in 2014 — in the spring. If the new single is any indication, those releases should be well worth the … well, you know.

In the meantime, give "Wait" a spin and, for at least three minutes and 50 seconds, all will be right with the world.