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Joke of the Week: Surprise!


It's Monday, which means it's time for your weekly dose of locavore levity: the Joke of the Week! This week's joke comes from Burlington's Jared Hall. Take it away, Jared…

We rarely talk about the perks, but for Hellen Keller, every party was a surprise party. I mean, that's got to be exciting.

About That Joke
Says Hall: I like to make short, concise, thought-out jokes. Nearly everything I say I thought up while driving.

Meet the comedian, Jared Hall

  • Courtesy of Jared Hall
  • Jared Hall
Jared Hall is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont with degrees in both theater arts and film and television studies. He currently works at a gas station. So, needless to say, life is panning out exactly as planned. Hall has lived in Vermont his whole life and has never tried heroin, so that's pretty good.

See Him Live
Hall performs on Friday, May 26, at the Back of the Class alternative comedy showcase at Vermont Comedy Club in Burlington.

Think you can do better?

We're always looking for jokes from local comedians. We publish one joke each week, and you can read through previous ones here.

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