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Meet NODON, Burlington's Anti-Hate Power-Punk Duo


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Have you ever felt so impassioned and outraged by the outcome of an election that you decided to start a band to channel your rage? If not, don't worry. Burlington's NODON have got you covered. The outspoken power-punk duo openly opposes fascism, hate and misogyny in their music. They will make their debut on Sunday, December 18, at Radio Bean in Burlington, with support from Pissant and Zodiac Sutra. Seven Days caught up with NODON at a Burlington watering hole near their rehearsal space in the Old North End.

In the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, NODON's Tristan Baribeau and Seth Gundersen (both of Villanelles) knew they couldn't just sit around and let their anger fester.

"We felt like we had to get it going while we were still really pissed off," says Gundersen.

Just days after the election, the two had organized their agenda and began writing songs. Their first EP, President Fuckboi, was recorded live at Robot Dog Studio with engineer Ryan Cohen. They finished recording in a mere four hours, with minimal overdubs. The EP was available to stream the next day.

President Fuckboi seethes with Reagan-era punk energy. Its original songs are straightforward, topical and in-your-face. NODON's lyrics aim to be as timely as possible. Their newest song, which is not included on the EP but will be performed at their show, is called "Fake News."

"We're trying to get under people's skin," says Baribeau.

The EP also features three covers: Nirvana's "Stay Away," Wipers' "Over the Edge" and Minor Threat's eponymous song.
In the EP's opening track, "Part of You," they sing, "I just want to know what you were thinking / How could you cast your vote for all those hateful people / I don't ever want to be a part of you." But don't assume that NODON would rather cut ties to those with idealogical differences rather than work with them. The song intends to start a conversation about the deep divide our country is facing.

"This project is our platform to bitch and moan, but it is by no means saying that we're unwilling to have a conversation with anybody," says Baribeau. "[We] maybe put up some walls as [an] artistic force, but that's something that we're going to have to navigate as we work on this project," he continues, adding that the band abhors violence of any kind.

The majority of the proceeds from NODON's debut performance will go to support Planned Parenthood and King Street Center. They plan to have a revolving door of charities to which they'll donate future proceeds.

"Let's raise some money, raise some hell and see if we can keep the pedal to the metal and not let up," says Baribeau.

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