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Anthill Collective Art-Bombs for A-Dog


There's no question that Burlington loves Andy "A-Dog" Williams, the DJ who passed away of leukemia in 2014 at the age of 38. Last Saturday, August 27, community members rallied to collectively honor the artist during the third annual A-Dog Day, organized by Friends For A-Dog.

The center of the action took place at the new waterfront skatepark named for Williams, where his longtime partner Jozie Furchgott Sourdiffe unveiled a new permanent mural in his memory. 

Blocks away, in the center of downtown, local arts group Anthill Collective  took a more ad-hoc approach, wrapping four of the city's community bulletin boards with eight panels painted on cellophane — "like really big fliers," Anthill member Scottie Raymond told Seven Days by phone. 

Three of the eight spray-painted installations were distinctly inspired by the irreverent, joyful graphics of Keith Haring. In one, an orange dog was spinning records. In another, a skater dude whose chest was emblazoned with an "A" was surrounded by the slogan: "Think less, live more." 

The cellophane memorials disappeared almost as soon as they went up. "They got cleared as per the city's usual rounds," said Raymond. By Monday, they were gone, though the memory of A-Dog lives on.