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In This Corner ... Swale!


Swale in a chilly moment - SHEM ROOSE
  • Shem Roose
  • Swale in a chilly moment
Vermont rock heroes Swale have come out swinging in their new video, which, through the magical power of the internets, you can watch below.

Shot at Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium during this year’s Golden Gloves tournament, the video, for the song “Beaten Down” from the band’s 2014 album The Next Instead, places the band members right inside the square circle. Though the video uses boxing to literalize the song’s central metaphor, the musicians leave the fighting to Golden Glovers Anna Gagnon and Hannah Rodrigue. A peaceful, if rockin’, bunch are these Swalers.

Shot by Shem Roose, who also directed the video for Swale’s tune “Popular Crowd” (below), the “Beaten Down” video demonstrates once again what filmmakers from Robert Wise to Martin Scorsese to Clint Eastwood to David O. Russell have all figured out: Few locations are quite as photogenic as old, beat-up boxing rings.

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