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New Tunes: "Casino" by Caroline Rose


  • Courtesy of Caroline Rose
  • Caroline Rose
In an interview for a September 2014 Seven Days profile, local songwriter Caroline Rose told me, "I just wanna burn my acoustic guitar." She was being facetious — at I least I think she was. But her point was that she was starting to move away from the acoustic-oriented aesthetic of her first record, America Religious — and, to a lesser degree, that of her then-new album, I Will Not Be Afraid — toward a grittier (and electric) sound.

Recently, Rose sent 7D a glimpse of her new, punkabilly-tinged direction in the form of a video for "Casino," a song she recently tracked with her band at the Barn. The song is one of seven that will presumably make up an EP due out later this year. This version, however was not recorded at Phish's fabled Vermont studio. Rather, Rose and pedal steel player Brett Lanier laid it down while on tour from North Carolina. In a bathroom. Because Caroline Rose is awesome.

Check it out below. And catch Rose and band at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge in South Burlington this Saturday, February 21, with Waylon Speed.

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