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Ho! Hey! Maxwell Hughes (ex-Lumineers) to Play Skinny Pancake


  • Courtesy of Maxwell Hughes
  • Maxwell Hughes

Here's a little bit of local trivia: Before they were THE LUMINEERS, Grammy-nominated folk-pop band the Lumineers graced the pre-expansion "stage" — it was really just the floor with some tables moved out of the way at that time — at the Skinny Pancake in Burlington. Bonus trivia: They also played SP owner Benjy Adler's birthday party. Nifty, right?

Anyway, this Saturday, July 19, a former member of that band, guitarist Maxwell Hughes, will return to SP. In truth, Hughes was only briefly a Lumineer. He met the band at a Denver open mic and toured with them as a mandolinist for a spell. He did, however, contribute a few songs to the band's gazillion-selling debut record, including "Stubborn Love." Check out his solo acoustic version below. (As well as a special bonus video, because it's Friday.)
The thing is, while the Lumineers connection is great for PR purposes, Hughes really doesn't need it. He's a talented songwriter and a phenomenal guitarist. He plays in an unusually percussive style that blends drumming, picking and fingertapping and is heavily influenced by the likes of Australian virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel and Kaki King. Hughes placed third at the International Fingerstyle Competition and thrice has been named "Best Instrumentalist" by the Fort Collins Musicians Association. So, y'know, dude can play.