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FAQ About the Grand Point North Local Band Contest



In case you missed it, the voting for the 2014 Grand Point North Local Band Contest opened on Monday to decide which local act will snag the final, coveted slot at this year's Grand Point North festival at Burlington's Waterfront Park on September 13 and 14. The winning band will open the festival on Saturday afternoon and then be able to tell the world they shared a stage with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Dr. John and Trampled by Turtles. Neato.

What follow are answers to some frequently asked questions about the contest. Read 'em and then go rock the vote.

My band didn't get nominated to be in the contest by our fans. WTF? Can we still be in the contest?
Bummer. Clearly, your band needs better fans. (Kidding.) The nomination period was last week and is now closed. But better luck next year!

That sucks.
That's not really a question.

Where do I vote?
Right here.

How many times can I vote for my favorite band?
You can vote once per day. And no, don't try to game the system by using multiple email addresses to stuff the ballot box. We're watching you. (Yeah, you.)

Can I follow the voting results?
Yep. We'll post updated results daily over on our Seven Days Social Club Facebook page.

I thought Grace Potter chose all the bands for the festival. What gives?
She and the Nocturnals do have significant input on the lineup every year. But they're also pretty busy these days being globe-trotting rock stars and stuff. So last year we figured we'd give 'em a hand and let 7D readers decide who they'd like to see play the fest.

Who won this thing last year?
The DuPont Brothers. They had a lot of fun.

When will we know who won?
Voting closes this Friday, June 13, at noon. We'll announce the winner shortly thereafter.

Can I get Grace's phone number?

Now you're just being creepy.

Fine. Well, do you happen to have a funny voting-related video featuring Chris Farley?
And how.