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Vermonter's Film About Quarter-Life Crisis to Screen at Roxy


Many young Vermonters leave their home state hoping to make their fortunes in LA or New York. What happens when they don't quite "make it" — and come back to face all the friends they left behind?

That's the premise of Loser's Crown, an indie film shot last January in the Burlington area by Colin Thompson. Thompson, a native Vermonter who lives in Los Angeles — yup, it's semi-autobiographical — is returning home once again to screen the movie at Merrill's Roxy Cinemas on Tuesday, April 22, at 7 p.m. ($10 tickets available here).

Thompson writes in an email that the movie

tells the story of the 30-year-old crisis; that time when a creative dream hasn't proved very lucrative and it seems like all your friends (be it back home or in front of you) have mortgages and 401k's and you ate only bananas and eggs for two weeks in December. ... We follow the main character, who is a Music Journalist in Los Angeles, back home to Vermont for Christmas. And he acts like a dick to his Old Man and friends from his past because he is grasping at existential straws, trying to figure out if there is an expiration date on his creative dream.
"Sometimes you just gotta come back this time of year to remember why you don't live here," the main character says of Vermont in the trailer. Burn!

But hey, it was 80 degrees yesterday, so we can all laugh at our willingness to stick it out through a Vermont winter. Right? Right? (Oh, wait, it's supposed to snow tonight.)

Thompson continues: "We shot this movie for the money in my bank account (which was meager, to say the least), and I got a gaggle of LA friends to fly out and sleep on the floor at my Old Man's place in Shelburne for three weeks during the dead of winter." You can check out the results next Tuesday at the Roxy. 

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