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Werner Herzog in Vermont: The Saga Continues!


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Last fall, filmmaker Werner Herzog made an unexpected contribution to Vermont film culture by shooting original Super 8mm footage and giving it to University of Vermont film students to do with what they would. (You can find Live Culture's multi-part coverage of this story here.) Professor Peter Gruner Shellenberger initiated the project by bringing his own Super 8 camera to a lecture by Herzog at Dartmouth College and requesting that he use it to shoot something for the class Shellenberger was teaching. To his surprise, Herzog consented.

Those students, following Herzog's stipulations for the use of his footage, made their own films, which will be shown on Wednesday, April 2, at the BCA Center in Burlington. Titled, as per Herzog's conditions, "Where's Da Party At?" the short films use Herzog's footage as a springboard from which students crafted their own works.

The event is free; donations are welcome.

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