Video: Alpenglow, "Catskills" | Live Culture

Video: Alpenglow, "Catskills"


  • Courtesy of Alpenglow

Last week, local rock trio Swale captured the bleak but beautiful expanse that is winter in Vermont with their new video, "Joyless." Continuing that seasonally effective theme, today, local indie-folk quintet Alpenglow unveiled a new video of their own, "Catskills," from their 2013 EP Solitude. Like Swale's midwinter opus, it's pretty freakin' Vermonty. The difference is that Alpenglow take advantage of perhaps an even more quintessentially Vermont season: fall.

Shot live at Windfall Orchards in Corinth, Vt., the video features the band playing amid the autumnal splendor of gently rolling mountains, rusty, rustling leaves dappled by warm, late-day sun and bearded dudes drinking microbrews in T-shirts. Honestly, it's enough to make us want to flash the calendar ahead to October and skip spring and summer altogether. Well, maybe not. But it's still a great video for an even better song. Enjoy.