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A Broccoli Bar Grows in Brooklyn


The Broccoli Bar in Brooklyn - TREVOR SULLIVAN
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Only in Brooklyn would Brisket Brothers give way to the Broccoli Bar.

That’s what’s happening at 690 Fulton Street in Fort Greene, where Burlington’s Pingala Café will open the Broccoli Bar on October 10, according to Trevor Sullivan, owner of Pingala and co-owner of the new Broccoli Bar.

In Burlington, the Broccoli Bar is Pingala’s mobile vegan eatery whose menu, as the name makes plain, is broccoli-centric.  The Brooklyn branch will be housed on the ground floor of a brick building called the Brooklyn Love Building.

Sullivan is opening the stationary, out-of-state Broccoli Bar with his partner, Lisa Bergstrom, and Brooklyn resident Jeremiah Vogelman, a former kitchen manager at the Skinny Pancake who also was a cook at Misery Loves Co.
Vogelman will run the Brooklyn restaurant, according to Sullivan.

“My mission is to get more people than ever before turned on to vegan food,” Sullivan said, adding that New York City is a prime place to do that. “To me, New York is one of the gateways to the world.”

The Broccoli Bar in Brooklyn will be a takeout business that offers a selection of broccoli dishes served with a choice of sides. Menu options include vegetable-tofu dumplings with coconut-curry broccoli sauce; broccoli tempura with sriracha-maple sauce; and veggie stir fry with broccoli florets in mushroom sauce. Each meal will be available in three sizes ($8, $10, $12) with optional added protein — tempeh, tofu or seitan — for $2.

“With Pingala, the concept of it being vegan is what’s driving the brand," Sullivan, 33, said. “With the Broccoli Bar, this one vegetable is what’s driving the brand. People are intrigued and pulled in by the fact that the whole menu is designed around this one vegetable.”

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  • Trevor Sullivan
Sullivan and Vogelman met at the Skinny Pancake, where Sullivan worked before he opened Pingala Café in 2014. The two became friends and stayed in touch after Vogelman moved back to Brooklyn, where he grew up, Sullivan said.

Several months ago, the business partners started working on a plan to open a restaurant together; they rented the space vacated by Brisket Brothers (and formerly Habana To Go). Sullivan spent about two weeks in Brooklyn in mid-September building out the restaurant.

“New York City is really what I’ve been looking at,” Sullivan said. “What Jeremiah brings into the dynamic is extremely pertinent and helpful. He knows that this is the neighborhood for it.”

The Broccoli Bar will be open daily from noon to 8 p.m. with breakfast on weekends.