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Five Tips for Making Perfect Pizza


Fresh out of the oven at Pizzeria Verità - MATTHEW THORSEN
  • Matthew Thorsen
  • Fresh out of the oven at Pizzeria Verità
Pizzeria Verità is known for its Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza. The restaurant is nominated annually in Seven Days readers' choice awards, and is No. 1 on TripAdvisor (up from No. 2 last week) for Burlington-area pies. (See my story about learning tricks of the dough here.) This means that sometimes you can't get a table at the restaurant.

If you find yourself out of luck — or you're planning a party — here are five secrets from Verità co-owner Leslie Wells for making the best-tasting pizza at home:

  • Use a dough recipe with a long fermentation process; this gives the crust more structure and airiness.
  • Source the freshest, highest-quality ingredients for topping. 
  • Never underestimate a great cheese. 
  • Get your oven as hot as possible, and finish with the broiler to cook the top.
  • Keep it simple; don't over-top the pizza. The key is to have flavors that complement, rather than overwhelm, each other.
Of course, Wells also has a sixth suggestion: "When all else fails, come to Pizzeria Verità!"

What tricks do you have for making pizza at home?