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Grazing: Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches


It doesn't look like much, but these were the remnants of an ecstatic eating experience (the sweet kind).

I found it impossible to take a decent photo of the salted-caramel ice cream sandwich that had our office buzzing this week. The same fleeting quality that made it so yummy — its sumptuous, salty-sweet insides — puddled into a gooey mess almost from the moment it emerged from the freezer. It is Mirabelles that had the genius to sandwich salted-caramel ice cream between two rich, slightly gooey chocolate crinkle cookies, and it oozes from the sides with every bite.

The dessert's flavor is so crazy making that I twirled and dodged while trying to catch every last bit before it dripped away. I ended up with some leftover cookie and a big pool of melted caramel and cream (see picture) that I dragged my fingers through like a child.

I wanted to spread their gospel, but one of Mirabelles owners called today to say that the bakery is suspending ice-cream-sandwich assemblage until some freezer issues are sorted out. I'm watching the calendar, because when that freezer is fine tuned, I'll be back in line with $4 in hand, waistline be damned. Salted caramel (and salted desserts in general) probably have a finite moment in the spotlight, and summer in Vermont is as evanescent as a melting cone. Next time, I'll try the peach ice cream and sorbet wedged between pecan cookies. They'll come back — right?

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