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Kluster press


How's kluster doing this week at the TED conference? I've read a bunch of blog posts from the event, and no one's mentioned them.

But here's a snazzy article in Business Week about Ben Kaufman.

It even mentions the Burlington Brainstorm, which was apparently not as successful as hoped.

Not all the news is good. Two weeks before TED, Kaufman heldbrainstorming sessions in Burlington. His plan was to introduce a crowdto Kluster, luring folks into his downtown lair with vouchers for freedrinks at local bars. He had hoped that ideas would percolate on thebrand-new system, including a project for the TED attendees. More than100 thirsty and curious visitors made their way in, but their ideas forTED came up short.

I just logged in to check their progress. Looks like they've got a lot more ideas, anyway.

Anyone have more info? Man, that conference sounds cool.

UPDATE: Just looked at Vermont Tiger and found this post by Cairn Cross, about Robin Williams stopping by the table at TED to talk with the klusterers.