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NYT to drop TimesSelect


Looks like the New York Times is dropping TimesSelect, the service which has put some of its content, and its archives, behind a pay wall. This is according to a story in the New York Post. The Times hasn't made an official announcement. I wonder if this means that everything in the NYT will be available online, for free, forever?

This is a big event in the media's paid vs. free web content debate.

I was on a Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility media panel a few months ago with WCAX anchor Marselis Parsons, who was complaining to our audience about how people today want to get information "right now" and "for free." As if that were a bad thing.

When he was done talking, I said something along the lines of, "Well, yeah, I do want my information right now, and for free. And I'll get it, too, because that's how we're all going to have to evolve." Can't remember if I added the obvious, "our job is to figure out how to pay for all this, not to complain about it, because this is just how it is. So suck it up and stop bellyaching."

I'm sure I didn't say that last part.