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Beach trip


Got back from Garden City Beach, S.C. on Saturday. I meant to post to the blog while I was gone, but they didn't have wi-fi in our beach house. Dang.

I went with my 17-month old son, Graham. Ann-Elise stayed home to work on our house for a week, so Graham and I traveled alone to South Carolina to hang out with 30 or so of my relatives.

Our trip went really, really well — up until Friday, the day we left. I stupidly booked a 2-stop flight because it was more than $100 cheaper, and we ended up getting delayed. We were stranded in NYC Friday night. Luckily I was able to convince the La Guardia gate agent to give us a voucher for a hotel room instead of kicking us out on the street when the terminal closed for the night.

We got home safely on Saturday around 3 p.m. (we left Myrtle Beach airport the day before around noon). Truly it was an unforgettable trip. In fact, here are a few things I will never, ever forget:

  • Don't book a flight with more than one stop unless I'm going overseas.
  • Don't switch carriers if I can avoid it.
  • Don't connect in La Guardia.
  • Whatever I do, don't connect and switch carriers in La Guardia.

I packed my camera in my checked bag, so I don't have photos of Graham and I looking frazzled and dazed, but I do have this photo of the enormous American flag one of my Floridian uncles draped from the balcony of one of our two beach houses on the 4th of July. Enjoy.

And hey, if you like the flag, you might also be interested in purchasing a TruckSpike Tailgating Accesory. This is my uncle's invention. I think he's seeking a patent. His motto? United We Tailgate.

I miss the guy already.

Back to work!