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Journal Found by Boy From the Future


Tanner at Highgate found an old journal while going through boxes last weekend. Check it out:

I could tell from the binding of it alone that it was old; the leatherwasn't smooth, nor was it ever at any rate, it was a style I've neverseen before; very course and bumpy - and the edges of the pages weregilded and still lustrous... the whole book had the weight and smell of"old" and i was excited.

The book was designed to be a condensed journal, where the author wrote just a few lines about each day, for five years. This one was started in 1931.

Writes Tanner:

Being as it is, it becomes, at leastafter the first year, a rather interesting daily habit as you get toread what it was you were doing and thinking on this day, the previousyear, and eventually the previous years before that; and now i -77years later; get to read it all.

I'ma voyeur at heart; that's why i think i enjoy reading people blogs -being a shy kid growing up, you learn to enjoy watching people inaction, when you get a chance to look behind those outward trappings,it's even more interesting, and when you get to look through time, well- it's enough to make me giddy.

Tanner plans to post excerpts from this diary on his blog. He starts with the forward preceeding the first entry.

"John had an automobile accident Dec 21-1931. When Leo McGeltrick run into him Evelyn Goldenbury was put the hospital. Eye surjical (sic) and face terribly cut.

Charlie + Mildred were married - Nov 14 1934."

Looking foward to reading more...

(photo from Tanner's blog)